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Welcome to MikeBeer!

Beer Log - Recipe List

When I first started brewing, I would write down all my recipes in spiral notebooks. After starting to develop my own recipes, and especially after moving to all-grain, I decided to test out the various brewing software packages. I really liked the usability of BeerSmith, and I've stuck with that over the years. It also happens to have a nice HTML output that looks pretty good on the website. Check out the Beer Log link below or on the top navigation bar.  Check out my Beer Log HERE.


Concentrated Boil 10-Gallon Brewing

During the winter or when I'm feeling lazy, I can't/don't want to brew on my 10-Gallon Brewing System.  This got me thinking of a way that I could produce ten gallons of beer on my 5-gallon system without having to do a double brew day.  This method is really geared towards brewing lower gravity session-type ales or lagers and has worked out great the several times I've used it.  More info can be found HERE.


Quick & Easy Drip Tray

I received an email from someone who was building a chest freezer kegerator (keezer) asking about what I used for a drip tray.  I realized that I hadn't put together any information on what I came up with for a drip tray without having to drill into the freezer.  Check out the link HERE or on the left navigation bar for more info.


Helpful Brewing Tips

Being an active member of three different homebrew clubs, I have a chance to talk with a lot of different brewers at different stages of their brewing evolution.  I really enjoy talking with the guys that are just getting started, because I feel like I can save them time and effort by not necessarily doing the things that were considered necessary several years ago.  I was going to just post the information on the main page here, but there was a little too much to include, so I decided to make a separate page HERE.  I'll try to keep this updated as I hear different questions and other topics that people seem to ask about frequently.


2/22/2013 - Website Redesign

I decided to give the website a little facelift and change the look a little bit to make it more functional and better looking. It's been awhile since I first made the site, so it was in need of a little TLC. I've also added in some pages from my MikeServe site that I recently let expire, so check those out if you're bored.


Contact Information:  MikeYoungHB at gmail.com